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Relaxing and Spas

Step aside from chaotic wedding day preparations and take the time to revive your body, soul and mind.
After many days of planning and organization, most brides will want to unwind and relax before the big day.  We can arrange relaxing and beautifying individual treatments or packages at one of Costa Rica’s excellent spas, under the care of qualified therapists and estheticians. You will be able to choose from relaxing massages, soothing facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, mud wraps, salt body scrubs, make-up and massages and other treatments at a full-service spa. 
Most spas offer the following treatments, although availability varies by location:
• Aromatherapy: Use of essential oils distilled from the flowers, bark, seeds, leaves, stems, and the fruit of plants. They can be used in massages, or in oil burners, and are said to help relax and soothe the body and aid in detoxification.
• Reflexology: A specialized foot massage that is based on the belief that the feet have reflex points that correspond to every part of your body. These points are stimulated by applying gentle pressure to the feet, which is believed to encourage healing and rejuvenation.
• Therapeutic Massage: The manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, which stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and can help in the elimination of toxins.
• Hydrotherapy: A treatment involving water massage and although different spas administer it in different ways (in a shower with multiple showerheads, or a deep tub with massaging water jets for example) the result is the same. A blissfully relaxed you.
• Body Wraps: You are coated with a mask, or draped with seaweed, and sometimes wrapped in plastic or cloth. You are then left to relax, de-stress and absorb the benefits of the treatment.

Special Services
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The beauty of getting married in Costa Rica is the diverse and extensive list of different settings, locations and wedding types.