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Wedding cakes

The wedding cake is more than just a dessert at your reception. It is a symbol of good fortune and wedded bliss. The first sight of your wedding cake should be a spectacular and stunning moment matched only by that breathtaking instant when the bride and broom cut the cake together.

Keeping with tradition, many people believe the wedding cake should be white to denote purity and invoke the white wedding cake icing that first appeared in Victorian times. However, this practice is being influenced today as more and more couples opt for modern weddings with a contemporary wedding cake to match. As a result, many brides are choosing to coordinate their wedding cake with their wedding gown, even if it's not white.

The experts at Costa Rica Weddings Sites understand there are couples who want their cake cutting ceremony to be completely traditional. The bride cuts the first two slices of the wedding cake with the groom’s hand placed over hers. Then, the groom feeds the bride the first slice, and the bride feeds the groom the second. The lovely symbolism is a metaphor for the mutual commitment the bride and groom will provide one another.

Other couples decide to forego custom in order to create their own tradition. Still others choose to combine a bit of tradition with their own personal flare. Whatever your preference, we’re here to help you create the special wedding day memories that will last throughout your lifetime, and that includes having the perfect wedding cake and cake cutting ceremony customized precisely to your desires!


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Wedding cakes
Wedding cakes

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