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Wedding Arches

If your idea of a fantasy wedding in Costa Rica includes a spectacular wedding arch awaiting you at the end of the aisle, you’re not alone. Many brides, whether getting married in a garden, with a spacious mountain or volcano view or on the beach, consider arches to be an indispensable component to their Costa Rica wedding.

A wedding arch not only powerfully frames the couple but differentiates the ceremony area from seating, in effect delineating a spectator area. Arches also create a focal point that directs the attention of wedding guests to the ceremony. Perhaps most importantly, a well-done wedding arch provides guests with an unforgettable first impression as they arrive to your wedding ceremony.

Depending on the theme and style of your wedding, arches can be ornate or simple, decorated with flowers or plain. For a garden or beach wedding, you can get even more creative with plants and floral arrangements. Popular options include lining the wedding aisle with rows of flowers or placing flowering plants next to each aisle.

Wedding arches aren’t limited to the front of the aisle. Some couples choose to place a decorated wedding arch at the back of the aisle as well. Guests walk beneath the arch as they arrive, and the wedding procession begins beneath the arch.
Regardless of how magnificent your wedding location is, an exquisite wedding arch is sure to make your wedding ceremony that much more exceptional. The specialists at Costa Rica Weddings Sites will work with you to create the wedding arch ideal for you on your special day. 

Prices from $180 to $600

beach wedding Arch
beach wedding Arch

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The beauty of getting married in Costa Rica is the diverse and extensive list of different settings, locations and wedding types.