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A Costa Rica Destination Beach Wedding

Choose from multiple venues up and down the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Beaches

Beach Weddings

For many couples looking for a destination wedding, a beach setting at sundown is their picture-perfect location. The beaches of Costa Rica, up and down the Pacific shores and on the southern Caribbean region provide the perfect setting for a beach wedding ceremony.

The selection of the perfect beach requires research or coordinating with an expert. While some hotels offer a "private" beach option, such as the JW Marriott, Punta Islita or the Four Seasons, weddings in Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo and many Guanacaste beaches may require municipal permits and other bureaucratic paperwork.

Many Costa Rica hotels and resorts on the beach do a terrific memorable job in creating a unique setting using the landscapes of their specific locations. Many play with rock formations or orient the ceremony with the sunset as the backdrop. In general, most have substantial experience with weddings of different sizes and denominations, and can cater to specific couples' requests.

Most beach destinations for weddings in Costa Rica provide a wide range of services that can be attractive to couples, extended families and guests. If you plan to have pre and post-wedding events such as a rehearsal dinner or golf tournament, bachelor and bachelorette parties, towns like Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio and the Gulf of Papagayo offer a wide range of possibilities.

A Costa Rica destination wedding on the beach can be planned using different approaches, all based on the couple's preferences. During the green season, it is important that your wedding planner presents a "plan B" in case of unwanted rain. This can come in the form of a different location, protective tents or last minute change in times.

For the different beach locations to a memorable Costa Rica wedding, please consider one of the following:

Guanacaste beaches: upscale and all inclusive resorts, more options for your guests and friends

Southern Nicoya Peninsula: off the beaten path. Quaint small resorts, limited accommodation options and more isolated

Central Pacific: a more natural setting, with many hotels and resorts to choose from. Large list of activities for friends and guests. Limited beachfront options.

Southern Caribbean: beautiful beaches, a more typical setting, but more rain in season

Please contact our Costa Rica weddings coordinator by calling toll free (888) 928-3688 from the United States and Canada, or email us at info@costaricadestinationweddings.com. We have the expertise and local connections to plan a unique and memorable beach wedding in Costa Rica at any of the popular hotels and resorts. Our long list of reputable and reliable suppliers will give you unique ideas on flowers, photography, dinners, location and set ups.

Beach Weddings
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The beauty of getting married in Costa Rica is the diverse and extensive list of different settings, locations and wedding types.